I don't know who wrote the following text about MY character Alex Brije but it pisses me off that first of all, she or he DIDN'T ask my permission to post this information, nor she/he gave any credit or reference to ME, and second the information about his crush ISN'T right. He doesn't even know this so called Melissa Gorgon (I'm guessing she belongs to the person that wrote this down because she/he wants my character to have a crush on hers/his) But it's WRONG. Alex Brije has a thing for his best friend Phantazma Cirque, which is owned by PrincessAbiliss on Deviantart.

To the person who wrote this down PLEASE DON'T take other's characters and do whatever you like with them.

- Hasana-chan (owner of Alex Brije)

The text she/he wrote: "Alex Brije is the son of The Alebrijes, a monster in the Mexican culture. He's often called gay because he dresses in bright colors. He was in love with Draculaura, now he's in love with Melissa Gorgon. Phantazma Cirque."