Aqua Bubbles


Aqua Bubbles

Aqua Bubbles is the 13 year old cousin of Lagoona Blue. She is a siren of the sea, and the only way you can tell the difference between a mermaid and a siren, is the horns on their heads.


Aqua is always bubbling with energy. She loves to get into games, and is the co-captain of the swimming team. On land, she is granted legs, and in the water, she is granted her tail, which causes her to have a larger ego due to the fact that she thinks she is better than other sea and freshwater creatures. She can be kind, but also very vain, so I suggest you don't cross her. Aqua is a very good friend and loves to spend time with her family.

Physical Description

Aqua has white and grey striped horns on her head that grew between locks of her alternating aqua and sky blue hair. Her aqua eyes can hypnotize anyone as well as her beautiful singing voice, and her strange shaped ears give her an exotic look. With her adorable freckles and soft lips, Aqua is sure to gain romantic attention of the boys and girls alike at Monster High-and she only prefers girls!


Born to a siren and a pirate, Aqua is the definition of a 'mutt'. She often speaks in pirate's tongue, slipping words such as "arg" and "ahoy me matie" into her sentences, but with a soft, silky voice Aqua was the first siren to be born in 1000 years, and is the baby of the Blue-Bubbles family. With Lagoona as her cousin, and her high grades and high IQ, Aqua was able to be bumped up a few grades and attend Monster High as a sophomore.

Classic Monster

Aqua's mother is a siren. Siren's are described as beautiful creatures with silky voices. They would sing and lure pirates or fishermen to their death.

Monster Bio

Age: 13

Monster Parents: Siren (and a normie pirate)

Killer Style: Shell bras and bikinis. Depends if I'm in the water or on land, 'chu know?

Freaky Flaw: I can't be in choir class because my singing lulls everyone to sleep. Luckily I can't kill someone with my voice like my Mom. Thank goodness Dad's normie blood diluted me.

Pet: My killer whale, Willy. I just loved that movie as a kid.

Fave Activity: Racing with my cousin, Lagoona, in the sea with dolphins. We get so competitive.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people ask me to sing just so they don't need to do class work. I'm here to learn, that's why I strived to skip a few grades to get here!

Fave School Subject: Swimming. Can't get enough of the water!

Least Fave School Subject: History

Fave Color: Aqua and sea greens or blues.

Fave Food: Sea kelp. I'm strictly veggies only. I can't think about eating adorable little flounders or crab like Lagoona with her sushi.

BFF's: Lagoona Blue and Gillington Webber



Aqua's family members are her mother, a siren, her father, a pirate, her cousin, Lagoona, and her father, the sea monster.


Aqua's friends are Lagoona and Gill. Since she's so young, she's like a fish out of water at Monster High.


Aqua secretly has a crush on Gill, but would never tell him or Lagoona.