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"Once this ship sails, it'll be Candy Hill all over again!" - Breanna bakes a cake 

Breanna Beetlejuice is the granddaughter of Beetlejuice, and is the main character in Monster High: Blame it on the Ghouls. She is owned by Thenaturals.


Breanna is a smart, fun but mad girl with a lot of charisma and a crazy laugh. She's very friendly to people, but she tends to be quite...well, crazy around people. This isn't the best for them, but Breanna is always happy. She's very caring and defends her friends when they are bullied, and she loves Culinary Arts too. She joins the Fearrios after wowing captain Lina Greene, but her main priorities are learning, friends and being the best she can be. She is also in a great relationship with Quil Liphoth, and she cares about him a lot. Breanna can also be a little bit coy, but she isn't that much that she's made enemies, and she's also quite sensitive once someone has upset her, as well as quite picky, making sure that she doesn't look like others do. Overall, Breanna is a great friend and a barrel of laughs. She is also a huge fan of Lina Greene and the Monster Mash.

Origin of Species

As Breanna Beetlejuice is the daughter of Beetlejuice, she shares similar traits. As with the original, she is quite crazy and laughs uncontrollably - and she isn't very fond of it. However, there are sharp contrasts - whereas the original Beetlejuice was happy wearing the same clothes as another character, Breanna hates it. She also hates Sandworms too. Beetlejuice, or Betelgeuse, used advertisements to get the Maitlands (Adam and Barbara) to hire him as a "bio-exorcist" to rid their house of the Deetzes. They summon him when they learn that he can be summoned if his name is said three times in a row. Things go bad when the self-proclaimed Ghost with the Most starts scaring the Deetzes in ways that seriously harm them, and even worse, wants to marry Lydia Deetz. Fortunately, saying his name three times can also be used to get rid of him. It is said that Breanna's red hair comes from a curse when her grandfather forgot to pay tax. However, Breanna is now used to it and prefers it red.



Breanna lives with her dad, Mr. Barry Beetlejuice, and his wife Janie, in a 'mansion-like shack that has a split personality'. Her father is the son of the original Beetlejuice, but it is unknown who Breanna's grandmother is. She is an only child, and would love to have a sister, but her friends make up for that.


She is best friends with Angela L. Goulding and Lina Greene as well as good friends with Fenora Swamp, Nessalyn Van Loch, Clarissa Del Rue and Impert Puck. Ghoulia Yelps was her ghoulsitter, and Breanna is still good friends with her. She also seems to be good friends with Sally Boo-Shriek, and participates in Game Over and the Fab-BOO-lous Adventure.


She is frenemies with Yolanda Jedi as they disagree on lots of things but are generally good friends.


Breanna's pet is a dog/hamster hybrid named Scuttle. Scuttle has a tuft of hair just like Breanna does, and is always obedient.


Breanna is currently dating Quil Liphoth. The two's romance is what would be described as a perfect relationship - as Breanna cares about Quil a lot, and the feeling is reciprocated by Quil.


Breanna isn't on good terms with Marcie May Queen, who likes to slushie Breanna to humiliate her.


Her overall appearance consists of pale yellow skin, a set of periwinkle-coloured eyes, and burgundy/auburn hair which is usually waist-length.


Breanna wears a periwinkle purple blouse under a purple striped black-belted thick-strap dress with periwinkle leggings and purple shoes which have high wraps below the knees. The belt has a gold Skullette on as a buckle. She also wears purple/black gloves, black headband and a black tie. The front hairline is swirled and goes under the headband.

Team Mashionals: Maceball

Breanna wears a purple baseball cap, a halved sleeveless top with white puffed sleeves: one half is light purple with the MH logo on, and the other side is medium purple and dark purple circular patterned. She wears a dark purple skirt, white socks with black stripes and white and purple platform sneakers. She carries a brown glove mitt and a grey baseball bat.

Drop Dead Disco

Breanna wears a boysenberry purple minidress with a black necktie and periwinkle jacket with puffed sleeves. Her dress is printed with white, fuschia and dark purple polka dots, and has a periwinkle ruffle hem. She wears a dark purple belt with periwinkle 'B' charm, as well as a bangle around her right wrist. Her shoes are boysenberry purple with a periwinkle heel shaped like a coffin outline with stripes inside. Breanna's hair is down with the two sides tied back, and she has front bangs as well as pink and purple make-up.

Goodnight, Sleepfright



  • "Scuttle, you may be a dog-hamster hybrid, but your life must be way easier than mine," Breanna talks to Scuttle when she is pressured by the dance.
  • "Trust me, I'm a mad scientist. Just kidding, but I'm mad, alright."
  • "Hahahahahahahaha!!! This is so funny, I think I'm gonna choke!" Breanna's signature laugh.
  • "And they call me crazy..." Breanna's recurring phrase.
  • "I really have to stop doing that." This is often said after her crazy laugh.
  • "This parking's spot's reserved for Mr. Quil Liphoth so you have no chance of parking here. Oh, and his car must have died from the toxic gas of your way OTT puns. Not a nice fragrance." Breanna resists Heath Burns' advances.
  • "This is one fire I'm prepared to extinguish, Heath."
  • "I knew how to settle this in the Monster world. But this was Ghoul World. I had to plot my steps AND make an impression."


  • Breanna's doll would have Ghoulia's headmold.
  • In Dawn of the Dance, she plays the keytar, showing she has musical talent. She also is shown to have vocal abilities, but not as good as Lina's.
  • Breanna speaks in a light British accent, even though the original Beetlejuice was American. Though it's actually stated that Breanna's mother, Janie, is British, and the genes could have been taken from her.
  • Breanna represents the original Beetlejuice's emotions and personality rather than looks.
  • Breanna is the first original character made by Thenaturals and nevertheless the most famous. She has been redone many times but some design flow has been consistent to make her as good as possible.
  • Breanna's uncontrollable laugh is reminisent of a traditional evil laugh, however, Breanna is very optimistic.
  • Breanna and Quil could be compared to Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon, but Breanna does not want to be like Cleo (note: Quil and Deuce are best friends, but Breanna and Cleo are enemies).
  • You can read Breanna Beetlejuice's diary here