Brianna FriendlyGiantlay is the daughter of the Big Friendly Giant (from the book, The BFG).


Brianna is gentle and sweet, but she keeps to herself a lot. She often wears dark clothing because she thinks it will make her less noticeable.

Physical Description

Brianna looks like a normie but she is not. She can grow even larger then her dad at times. She has thick red hair and black eyes.



Brianna's only family is her dad (the BFG) and her mom, who is a human.


Brianna's friends are Draculara, Clawdeen, River Blue and Olivea Kat.


Brianna has dated many guys before, including Deuce Gorgon, Clawd Wolf, Heath Burns, Holt Hyde, Jackson Jekyll and approximately six other guys.

Brianna broke up with all of them because she had been scared they might make fun of her ears if they grew out randomly.