Demetra Otherly is the daughter of no other than The Beldam aka The Other Mother.


She mostly shows her serious side that comes from being made to be a 26 year old not 16. She is easily able to have fun when she wants to. She also easily getting annoyed with her mother.

Physical Description

She has short brown hair that she either has styled or natural. She is extremely pale, thin, and tall (8 ft 5 1/2 in). She sounds like The Other Mother, but younger (who is voiced by Teri Hatcher[1]).

Classic Monster

Demetra's mother is The Beldam aka The Other Mother. The Other Mother is orginally from Neil Gaiman's book Coraline which later got made into a musical and movie under the same name. The Other Mother is known for treating child better than their real mother and telling them they can stay with her forever if she sews buttons in their eyes. If they say yes she does sew the buttons and then eats their soul and other father her former husband not really married he created by the other mother other father's is other mother's servant



Demetra gets along with her mother fine, but hates her eating children and making her having to feast on children as well. The Other Father is a servant to her, not a father.


She has quite a few friends, but she considers her best one ever to be Sydney Slenderman (son of the Slenderman). They both are super tall and eat children. Of course she has more of hands and a face than him. She is also friends with some "ghouls" like Sadie Skeletol and Elpidia West and Porcelina Dollie. She hopes her friends never fall into her mother's hands.


She besides being best friends with Sydney she has a hugh crush on him. He of course have two other "ghouls" after him (Kadira Lamp and Porcelina Dollie). She would try almost anything to be his girlfriend, but since she's best friends with Porcelina she doesn't want to hurt her for not having him.
Syd and His Girl Friend

Facebook Description

Demetra might be very hard to notice since you might just see her extremely thin legs. She is about 8' 5 1/2" and is very boney. Don't forget her eyes, they're blue buttons. She's the 16 month old daughter of the The Other Mother made to be her apprentice, but she rebels agianist her mother's notions. She happens to be very caring, but isn't the most social ghoul, but that's only to protect her friends. She is the best sewer at MH and has even made a student who goes to MH! Most of the student bodies don't notice her in the halls unless they bump into or you're one of her friends. Be aware for her two circus mice Ratskin and Lil' Buttons, they might look cute, but their evil rats who work for her mom.