Elle Wicked is the sixteen-year-old daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West. Despite her last name, Elle Wicked is one of the sweetest creatures you shall ever come across! Always willing to lend a helping hand (or wand), Elle is very loyal to all her friends at Monster High. However, do anything to upset her and you just might get turned into a frog (or toad!).


Although Elle Wicked was born from the womb of the Wicked Witch of the West, Elle does not take after her, because she was not raised by the Wicked Witch who abandoned her for the charming (but evil) man whom with she had an affair.

Elle was then taken in by the Wicked Warlock of the North-East. But, being too busy to tend to baby Elle, the Wicked Warlock neglected her and left her in the care of the flying monkeys for two years. After the Wicked Warlock had been trampled to death (by Dorothy Gale) in a tragic horse-riding accident, the flying monkeys thought it would be best for Elle if she would go to live with Glinda the Good Witch. Thus, one night, the flying monkeys left baby Elle at the doorstep of Glinda's castle along with a note and Mo, the little baby flying monkey whom Elle had befriended.

Now, as grown-up Elle, Elle practices good witch magic at Monster High in hopes of being as great as her Aunt Glinda someday.

Physical Description

Elle is kind of short with a spiky blonde bob and neon pink streaks in it. Because of her mother's skin tone Elle has a greenish undertone to her complexion. Her eyes are pale orange with a playful twinkle. She is quickly becoming the object of many's affections at Monster High.



Elle only has her Aunt Glinda and the flying monkeys as family. Dorothy Gale comes to visit her often and she is like family to her.


Elle has many friends at Monster High but her three best friends are Draculaura, Mariascent and Frankie Stein.


Elle has a flying monkey named Mo.


There's a rumor going around Monster High that Elle and Holt are an item.



Elle puts on a plum-colored witch mini-dress with short striped sleeves and a studded belt. She adds to this outfit with ripped fishnets, striped socks and black thigh-high high-heeled boots which she customized by replacing the original laces with neon green laces. This outfit is completed with a Skullette choker and spider earrings. Of course, we can't forget the classic tall pointy black hat!