Faya De Morgan
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Monster High Student


Lets Say 16

Killer Style

I love to wear anything purple and I can not go anywhere without stockings on

Freaky Flaw

Sometimes when I get nervous I accidentally zapp people into frogs..opps


Lulu, shes a black cat with horns and a white crescent moon on her chest

Favorite Activity

Reading a good spellbook

Biggest Pet Peeve

When people throw water on me to see if I will melt

Fav School Subject

Mad Science

Least fav Subject

Home ick, I am horrible at cooking mostly baking they never com out sweet

Favorite Food

eye of nuit jk


Frankie Stein and Draculaura

Faya De Morgan appears to be 16 years old she doesn't say otherwise, and is the daughter of the famous witch Morgana. Her pet cat is named Lulu. Unlike most witches, she is purple skinned rather then green. She also doesn't melt when she makes contact with water. She has an Italian accent and it's very light but noticeable.


Faya is really nice but is terribly shy. She has a hard time talking to boys, Heath Burns in particular, mostly because she is afraid of fire. Frankie and Draculaura have successively started to crack her out of her shell.

Physical Description

Faya has strawberry-blonde hair which has red streaks and is pulled back into a ponytail. She has light purple skin and bright green eyes. She is very short and tends to wear heels to make herself taller.

Classic Monster

Faya is the daughter of Morgana who is a powerful sorceress in the Arthurian legend. Early works featuring Morgana do not express her character past her role of being a fay or magician. She didn't get much of a role

till later works such as Lancelot-Grail and the Post-Vulgate Cycle, in which she becomes an antagonist to King Arthur.

She has been featured in a couple movies such as 1981`s Exalibur and more recently Disney`s The Sorcerer`s Apprentice.


Morgan le Fay, by Anthony Frederick Sandys (1829 - 1904), 1864 (Birmingham Art Gallery): a spell-brewing Morgaine distinctly of Tennyson's generation.(source-wikipedia)

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