Flora Shoppes is a student at monster high. She is the daughter of the plant monster. She craves human blood and is anti-vegetarian, being a vegetable herself, she can't stand the sight of stoma. Flora uses her tendrils to suck the blood of her fellow students when she gets hungry, and it has made her quite unpopular.And her petals change clor depending on her mood.


Audrey Jr. wanted to further its plans of world domination, but realized that it needed someone to help it. Since Seymour was, ahem, gone, it decided to use the DNA of Seymour's dead girlfriend to create a human-plant hybrid. Audrey Jr. fruited Flora, and raised her well. When flora grew older, she put on makeup and pretended to be a human and lured people into Muschniks flower shop only for them to get eaten by Audrey Jr.

As Audrey grew older, she felt bad at feeding people to Audrey Jr. so she stopped and just set it on a diet of stray dogs, cats, and mice. Flora's parent took a while to get used to it, and is still not very satisfied. Flora occaisionally brings him blood of people.

Later, Audrey Jr. decided to enroll Flora into Monster High, the only place she could fit in. However, she remained unpopular because of her thirst for blood. She met Andy and they became friends.

Physical Description

Flora has green skin due to her chloroplast. She has tendrils and a flytrap sticking out of her petal-like hair, which she has made into braids. Her hair is pink and is made from the same material as petals. She has

Classic Monster

File:Audrey Jr..PNG

Flora is based on Audrey Jr. is the mutant Venus flytrap/butterworth from the 1960 film "The Little Shop of Horrors" and the musical. Audrey II is a mutant (or alien) plant that Seymour has to feed blood until Seymour had enough and tries to destroy it but gets eaten.



She loves her parent, but doesn't like feeding people to it anymore.


Her parent is the less humanoid Audrey Jr. Since Seymour isn't around, it asks Flora to bring it blood and sell mini Audrey Jrs, which usually die within a week since the owner doesn't know to feed it blood.


Flora often wears a short-sleeved shirt and jeans. She also wears flower pot shoes to absorb nutrients and water.