Frankette Stein



Frankette Stein is a seventeen day old explorer, Frankie has 16, not 15 anymore, cause she has the 16 years old in Episode 5 Season 1.


Frankette is the type to brag about everything and think she is better than others. She is also a brainiac and knows it, and makes anyone who isn't feel worthless. But she only does this because she herself feels insecure due to her stitching and popular little sister getting all of the attention.

Physical Description

Frankette has pale skin, unlike her younger sister Frankie, and always wears a collared maroon tanktop with a matching pink and maroon argyle tie. With a grey miniskirt and fishnet material underneath that matches her tie, it completes her look. Frankette has one maroon eye and one pink eye, and her hair is similar to Frankie's except she wears her in a ponytail and keeps it longer.


'Born' two days before Frankie, she acts more mature and hates the fact that Frankie, the baby is her parents' favorite. She is in senior-level classes at Monster High, and is almost as smart as Ghoulia Yelps.

Classic Monster

She is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster and his monster bride.

Monster Bio

Age: 17 days

Monster Parents: Frankenstein's monster and his monster bride

Killer Style: Argyle ties and mini skirts all the way

Freaky Flaw: My limbs tend to fall off; people say they do like Frankie's, but hers fall of like mine because I'm the older.

Pet: Whizit. He's my pig/dog/cat/fish/dragon/lizard/anything you can think of. Dad uses all the best parts! I prefer him over Watzit. Watzit was made out of the LEFT OVER best parts. Heh heh.

Fave Activity: Studying and shopping with Ghoulia.

Biggest Pet Peave: When people ask me why I'm paler than Frankie. I mean come on, she was used out of LEFT OVERS so I'm made out of all of the best parts. Just, don't tell Frankie, i don't like her to cry, and me showing off, i love so much my sister.

Fave School Subject: Math-I love numbers.

Least Fave School Subject: Zombie 101-it's so difficult. The only reason I can communicate with Ghoulia is through Frankie. She actually understands her and I don't. There's something wrong with that.

Fave Color: Maroon and pink.

Fave Food: French Fries. No, donuts. No, dumplings. Ugh! I don't know.

BFF's: Ghoulia Yelps and my sister, Frankie Stein.



Her family members are the monster of Frankenstein and his monster bride as well as her sister, Frankie Stein, and their soon to arrive sister, Frankah.


Her best friend is Ghoulia Yelps. She was the first one to welcome her to Monster High and took her under her wing, but she can't stand Ghoulia's other friend, Cleo de Nile. She's also so close to her sister, Frankie, and considers them besties as well as sisters.


She has a major crush on Heath Burns.