General Hilarity is a series of short stories centered around OCs by Lissamel123.

General Description

General Hilarity is a series in which OCs get put into random senarios, with crazy things that just, well, happen. There's really no rhyme, reason, or timeline as to when these events happen, they just...Do. General Hilarity seems like a very fitting title now, 'eh?

List of Stories

  1. A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
  2. Weird Science
  3. It's Nonsense! Every Word!
  4. To 'Err' is Human...
  5. Halloween Hijinks
  6. The Last Word is Mine
  7. And Now for Something Completely Different
  8. Clawd and Accounted For
  9. The Power of a Rumor
  10. Maestro, if You Please
  11. Heart of Ice
  12. Megalomaniac Mind Mania
  13. Every Puzzle Has an Answer
  14. Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance
  15. In This Wonderful Misery
  16. Standing by the Monorail
  17. Join the Club
  18. You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile


Of course, many characters are used throughout the random strangeness that happens, including:

Mentioned Characters

See List of Hypothetical General Hilarity Characters.

OC Entry

If you want your OC in any of the General Hilarity stories, just ask Lissamel in the comments below or on her userpage. Well, it's not like she'll say no, it's just nice to have permission and things.

Gallery of Fanart

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