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Ghita's Basic outfit.

Ghita Ghidorah is the daughter of King Ghidorah. She is famously known for her wonderful clay materials (vases, art, etc.) She is 16 years old and is best friends with Speranza Squid.


Age: I am 16, maybe older 'cause my father has lived for a long time.

Monster Parent: King Ghidorah, a dragon with three heads.

Killer Style: Maybe something with scales and anything the color green.

Freaky Flaw: I have scales for skin. Sometimes they get all dark green and grow zits. Yuck!

Pet: A three headed dragon named Ghazi. He's a gift from my father, and totally adorable.

Favorite Activity: Making clay pots and other gizmos for people in the monster community. They love my stuff. Someday I hope to run an art shop.

Biggest Pet Peeve: See Freaky Flaw

Favorite School Subject: Art. Because there are tons of possibilities of things to make.

Least Favorite School Subject: Fierce Fashion 101. Like I would really want to wear those creepy fashions of theirs.

Favorite Color: Green! Duh!

Favorite Food: The big screamidoodles they serve for dessert in the Creepiteria.

BFF's: Speranza Squid.