Gina Normous is the daughter of the 50 Foot Woman.


Gina is annoyed easily, causing her to grow more, but when she cries or calms down or lets out her feelings in any kind of way, she shrinks. So because of this she spends most of her time Mr. D'eath's office.

Physical Appearance

She has blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips. All of her clothing is stitched together due to her height and anger issues.

Classic Monster

Gina's ancestors are related to Giants because they are very tall creatures.



Gina and her mother and sister Edna used to live in Scaris, Hexas but were then later taken to Area 51 to be studied, but then they moved to a house built for their height. Their house is 200 feet tall. Gina also cares for her little sister a lot and she worries about her alot because her sister is naive, and also because she's friends with Charry who Edna doesn't trust at all.


Gina's closest friends are Ghoulia Yelps and Lagoona Blue.


Gina's pet lion is called Lea.


Gina doesn't want to be in a relationship because she doesn't want to have the same heartbreaks as her mom did.


Basic: Gina dons a diamond necklace and blue shirt that has been sewn and torn. She also wears a white shirt underneath that also has been sewn and torn. She wears a stitched and torn denim skirt with torn black leggings and red boots.

Ghouls Rule: Gina's hair is parted to the side and she has a dark blue hair ornament with white and blue feathers. She wears a necklace made out of loose strings with a light blue jewel on it. Her dress is raggedly cut. She also puts on a blue top that fades to white in the middle and a light blue belt. The skirt fades to dark blue, then to white. She wears dark blue tights and light blue high heels with straps. She also wears blue fingerless gloves on both of her hands that each have a light blue jewel on them. Her face is painted with a blue vine pattern and has tiny diamonds.

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