"Six o'clock is my favorite time of the day. Wish it could be six o'clock forever..."

~ A silly musing from Haigha.

Bardrick Tetch, more commonly called Haigha, is the son of The Mad Hatter.


Haigha is very theatrical, and because of this emphasizes his emotions to the nth degree. When happy, he's absurdly jolly and peppy (and need we forget a complete chatterbox), when upset, he's deathly quiet and sulks about everything. Interestingly, the only emotions he doesn't emphasize are those relating to other people--Love, hate, jealousy and the like. When under pressure, he rhymes. While bright, he doesn't use his brightness to do anything of worth, preferring to smile and be in his own world of nonsense. Like his father, he's taken an extreme liking to the works of Lewis Carroll, particularly Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and will often intersperse quotes from either book into conversations (he's told it's dreadfully annoying, but he can't help it).

For some reason, he also developed a strong liking of lists, and if he's helping on something, by God, he's going to be the one writing a list of all the props needed for a play or something. Of course, some of his tendencies are present in his list-making, most notably his constant quoting and rhyming if under pressure. If you're planning on reading one of his lists, just don't do it without him there--Often, his lists are completely illogical, as he'll squash words together to make new words and never seems to keep focus on what, exactly, he was writing at the time.

However, it could be argued that Haigha was brainwashed into acting this way, and that without his hat he'd act very, very different. We'll never know the truth in this, though, since he's never seen without it.

Physical Description

Haigha is a blond, rather lanky, and decently short. His basic outfit consists of a bright green top hat with a blue ribbon around it, a card saying 'in this style 10/6' stitched into the front. Around his neck is a dark grey bow tie, and for an actual outfit he dons a dark blue shirt, a reddish-magenta tailcoat suit coat over it with matching pants (with the tails of the coat a darker red then the rest) and square buttons in a dusty yellow dotting the front, with yellow shoes. He also has braces, though they're unseen in the picture.



Okay, the less I get into Haigha and Hatter's (the quasi-famous villain from the Batman franchise) relationship (or lack thereof), the better.


As one would expect, he's generally grouped with the standard Gotham Gang, consisting of Hailey, Jessica, Harper and Harleen Quinn, Penny Guin, Amy Wesker and her dummy, Scarlet, Emma and Erica Nigma, Sari Isley, Charlotte Dent, Maya Jones and Maci Freeze.


Haigha is currently dating The Clock Princess, though never calls her by her actual name--It's always 'Miss Mary Ann' to him. He doesn't think she minds, because as long as he's on time for their dates (down to the second, mind you), she'll let him call her anything he likes.



  • If pronounced correctly, 'Haigha' should rhyme with 'mayor'.
  • Unlike most of Lissamel's OCs, his name actually means something relevant--'Bardrick' means 'Axe ruler', which you could say the Queen of Hearts is (Haigha, his nickname, was one of the king's messengers in Through the Looking-Glass).
  • His theme song would be Brainwash and Go from the soundtrack from the movie Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Of course, the title could be a nod to the brainwashing theory, but the music itself represents his nonsensical nature--Calm one moment, impressed the next, off-the-walls bonkers later.
  • His color scheme was, for reasons even she doesn't get, based on those of Fawful and the Flim Flam brothers.
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