1.  We have a template to make creating a character page easy! Visit this page and copy the content to your page! ;)
  2.  Then, click this link to create a new page.
  3.  Paste in the information, and fill in your character's profile (if you need help with the monster 'lingo' then go to this page). Remember to do this using the Classic Editor's Source option, otherwise it will not work properly.
  4.  For helpful links and things to make pictures of your oc, check out our Resources List page.

Learn how

An important note

Remember, when you make your oc a wiki page it's ALWAYS good to make and save a copy of it incase some jokester or troll decides to edit or change something on the page. This way you won't have to retype or get too angry. 

  • The quickest way is to open a program like Notepad or Word. Before publishing your oc's finished wikia page, highlight and copy the entire text you typed up, and then paste it into Word or Notepad. Save it as your oc's name or whatever. Even if the edit history is saved on the wiki site itself, it is always good to have a back-up saved to your computer. :)

We hope you enjoy making your own characters!

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