Hydramantha is a young ghoul at school, being only 14 years old. She's very curious, but sometimes she can be too curious. Her best friend is Draculaura, as they both like pink and arts. She watches TV cartoons a lot and home (Krypto the Superdog, for example) and is a computer person. She's in Moonlight Dancing Class and in the Fearleading Squad. She wears red glasses and is very near sighted. She wants to be either a dance teacher or an artist when she grows up. Her little brother goes to the lower class of Monster High, while her big sister goes to the higher one. She is a huge fan of the real-life TV Cartoon Krypto the Superdog, as she watches it everyday on Boomerang from Cartoon Network from 9:30 AM to



13 (Turning 14 on May 7th)

Killer Style

I mostly wear girly stuff. I wish I had a shirt with the Superman "S" on it. I'm a huge fan of a TV Show called "Krypto the Superdog" I also wear red glasses.

Freaky Flaw

Whenever I don't have my glasses on, I can't see 1 foot in front of me.


My pet cat Sparky is very cuddly. Even though he hates other cats and dogs, he's still sweet at me and my siblings and parents. But he hates hats! XD

Favorite Activity

You'd find me either playing on the laptop at home or watching TV. I watch Krypto the Superdog every time it's on. (Weekdays, 9:30 AM, on Boomerang) I also play video games and read. I take dancing class. I also draw too. I'm really good at both.

Biggest Pet Peeve

My 11-year-old brother Hydrake, and my 15-year-old sister Hydranifer. They know how to push my buttons, but they're usually nice. :)

Fav. School Subject

Language Arts. I'm a good speller. I wrote a good story. (It's true. It's on deviantart) I like science too, even though it's tough. My favorite element is Krypton, because it's the name of the planet Krypto's from I'm a Krypto fanatic. XD Once at the museum, I saw a toy Kryptonite rock. I asked my mother if I can use her camera, and she said yes. I took a picture of the Kryptonite rock. I'm crazy. XD

Least Fav. School Subject

History. It's really hard, and I'm just terrible at it. :(

Favorite Color(s)

Pink, red, yellow, and blue. I like red and yellow because they're the colors of a certain someone's collar, tag, and cape. Can you guess? Hint: He has white fur. :) My favorite color used to be green when I was little.

Favorite Food.

I mostly like fast food and desserts. But I'll eat healthy stuff too. Like apples, cheese, mac'n'cheese, corn, and green beans.

10:00 AM. Whenever it's not on, she usually watches one episode on the DVD Player. She has a pet cat named Sparky.
Monster High Sparky

Hydramantha's pet cat, Sparky

Origin of Species

Hydramantha is the daughter of the Hydra, despite her normie looks. Her brother and sister are normie-like too.



She gets along with her brother Hydrake, and her sister Hydranifer sometimes, but sometimes they make her angry, like insulting something she loves. But she loves them deep down.


Hydramantha is best friends with Draculaura, Frankie Stein, and Lagoona Blue. She doesn't get along with Cleo de Nile usually.


Hydramantha doesn't show to have a crush on anybody, but she's sometimes seen hanging with Jackson Jekyll.



Hydramantha wears a sleeveless purple top with silver stripes at the top, a pink headband, red horn-rimmed glasses, pink zipper earrings, a yellow necklace with a

Superman "S" charm.

Dawn of the Dance

In the Dawn of the Dance range, Hydramantha wears a black and pink top with a pink plaid skirt. She also wears rainbow Skullette earrings and her favorite Superman "S" necklace.

.Gloom Beach


School Spirits

In the School Spirit line, Hydramantha has a Dancing uniform.

It includes a black leotard, pink skirt, pink tights, black ballet, tap, and jazz shoes.



Hydramantha Basic


Hydramantha Dawn of the Dance