Ivy is a tough-as-nails plant-monster hybrid that resides deep in the forest.


As the daughter of the Triffids, Ivy is very tough--not to mention poisonous. However when you get close to her she'll reveal a more caring nature. For example, she only wears clothes her little sister designs to encourage Bloom's dream.

If you get on her bad side, however, she is not afraid to fight. Ivy always acts on her first instinct. She has a poisonous sting, which can make you bedridden for weeks. She refuses to let anything bother her, which can be perceived as arrogance, but that's just her being tough. Once you get on her good side, you'll be BMFF's!

Monster Parents


The accurately portrayed Triffid

The triffids were mobile carnivorous plants seen in "Day of the Triffids" a book by John Wyndham, and several film adaptions of the same name. They are described as having no nervous system, therefore quite unintelligent and acting only on instinct.

Ivy's thoughts: "Gosh, one guy sees some walking plants and next thing you know he's writing a book about the apocalypse. I guess inspiration is everywhere, but it's not exactly good for my rep, you know?"

Physical Description

Being a mixed monster, Ivy is not completely plant-like, like her father. Her mother was actually a monster of unknown origins. This gives Ivy a look much more like a girl. However she is actually fully plant, with no organs or blood. She has green skin and grass on her head that acts as hair. Her "hair" sprouts multicolored flowers in several different places.



  • Because she's a plant, Ivy's cells are cube-shaped, giving her extremely good balance. She refuses to participate in Gymnastics or anything of that nature as she hates having that advantage.
  • Ivy can communicate with other plants.
  • Ivy only grows plants for her personal use, never for class assignments or competition.
  • No one is really sure where her tribe of Triffids actually live in the forest.