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Jason is normal looking, however he possesses power over the elements, enabling him to summon wind, rain and even lightning at will born with the ability to perceive and manipulate the energy patterns that dictate the weather. This ability makes him incredibly powerful, and capable of manipulating all elements of weather and inducing a plethora of atmospheric phenomena orphan at a young age he made his living stealing from other by the time he found and adpoted by Mr. and Mrs. Stormwind his ability to pysically control the weather emerged soon after he is friends with the Ghouls (though they are more pawns but they don't know that). He has a major crursh on Deuce Gorgon.

Name- Jason Stormwind

Powers/Abilities- Weather Manipulation

Power Class: 8

Age: 16

Height: 6’1

'Characteristics: he' is a tall stately beautiful young man with a muscular body with long flowing silkily blond hair and slender blue eyes

Personality He is calm ,calculating, charming and very manipulative, he is a complex young man. he is also an excellent tactician, regularly displaying cunning, perception, and resourcefulness that allows him to take advantage of almost any situation. he possesses good self control, and can lie with a straight face and no physical but he is also overconfident and thinks he can do just about anything by himself.

Eyes: Blue (Glowing white when using powers)

Hair: Blond

Weight: 200 lbs


Unique Traits- Jason is unnaturally beautiful he is one of the most aesthetically beautiful man in existence of all Civilization no man or woman can resist his charms for long. Jason is an extraordinarily beautiful, perfectly proportioned, and possesses no physical flaws whatsoever. By the standards of the all civilizations on Earth, he is the epitome of male beauty and one of the most aesthetically perfect male beings in existence his Eyes retain a bio-luminescent cast when actively using his ability, vertically-silted pupils.

Powers: Jason Stormwind (Storm) possesses the psionic ability to manipulate weather patterns over vast areas. He can stimulate the creation of any form of precipitation such as rain or fog, generate winds in varying degrees of intensity up to and including hurricane force, raise or lower the humidity and temperature in his vicinity, induce lightning and other electrical atmospheric phenomena, and disperse natural storms so as to create clear weather

Weather Control: His powers grants him the ability to command the powers of the storm, causing rain, thunder and lightning. He can create giant raging electrical storms complete with thunder, lightning, hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, blizzards, tidal waves, exploding volcanoes, earthquakes and torrential rains across entire planets at a moment's notice. He can also create any of these phenomena individually. Another aspect of this power allows him to stop any of these weather conditions instantly as well. Jason can create storms on a planetary wide scale or larger if needed, and is not limited to the normal limits of Mother Nature and can go beyond and defy what natural weather can do. Jason's ability to control and create storms extends to any and all storms as he has been shown to control and create raging temporal storms in time, create Solar Flares, powerful stellar winds in space and so on. Jason’s ability to control the elements and storm are absolute so even powerful beings are easily overpowered by his ability to control the weather and easily defeated

Energy Manipulation: When using his powers, Storm becomes one with the energy patterns he manipulates. This gives him the ability to project weather effects through him body. For instance, he can generate lightning, intense cold, and intense heat, from his hands rather than from his actual atmosphere. His power over thunder has been used to create deafening sounds for distracting his enemies. He can create powerful tornadoes, hurricanes, and various winds that are capable of moving a vast number of objects/people including levitating an entire building, and sending guards soaring away from him and his teammates. His ability over water and it's forms has been shown by his creating heavy rainfall, and instant floods that have even "washed" away lands he can instantly form massive waves and tsunami's without even thinking about it, as well as control the oceans if storms or other things cause them to become destructive . Control over moisture and temperature allows Storm to freeze/flash freeze objects and people in the blink of an eye.

In fact, when he once lost control of his powers, Storm was in danger of creating another world-wide ice age. he can also generate heat as strong as the earth allows. Storm can control the weather vocally too. On several occasions he has spoken to the weather like a general to his army and the weather obeys. Storm's powers change when he enters a different planet or dimension. In deep space, if close to a star, he can manipulate solar winds. If far from a star, it would take strong concentration to use this power, so, he can almost always depend on his lightning wherever he goes. Storm's ability to adapt to his environment isn't limited to large bodies of water either, as he has manipulated ocean currents similarly to how he manipulates the wind. He can summon clouds and fog to provide cover and obscure the view of his enemies

Due to very good training from an early age, Storm can use his powers to set many weather patterns out of place to perform/create exotic feats/effects, and then set them back from where he got them from, putting weather patterns back to their natural state. Thus, he can disperse any Storm he generates. However, Storm may have more to His power arsenal than he shows, as he not only generated unnatural pressure on earth, but also manipulated (and intensified) plasma while in the earth's atmosphere.

Thus he can-

Use the four basic elements

Aerokinesis - Creates powerful gusts of winds.

Electrokinesis - Creates lightning storms.

Hydrokinesis - Creates rain, snow, ... .

Pyrokinesis - Creates heat waves or really hot weather

Create powerful storms.

Use Lightning for offensive uses such as shooting lightning bolts.

Cause intense heat.

Cause extreme cold weather.

Freeze objects.

Influence the behavior of animals.

Create gusts of wind.

Create devastating typhoons/hurricanes.

Cause tsunamis.

Can cause erosions.

Predict the weather.

Flight by creating a wind that could lift users in the air.

Shape the clouds.

Aware of the weather.

Can cause sandstorms/dust storms.

Create heavy rain causing a flood.

Make hailstorms.

Change the seasons.

Shoot sharp icicles.

Make shields of ice for protection.

Create weapons out of ice for offensive purposes.

Shoot Freeze beams that could freeze objects/people.

Blow a freezing gas.

can generate Blizzards.

Create ice sculptures for various uses.

Throw Snow Balls at enemies.

Fire Ice Shards at people/objects.

Move on a trail of ice.

Typhokinesis: to control smoke

Exnomophis: to change the atoms in the air

Air Blade: A quick jet of air to cut things

Air Momentum: Manipulating objects by moving the air around it.

Tornado: Create damaging Cyclones.

Air Shield: Make shields of wind for protection.

Flight: Self-propulsion with wind.

Air spheres: Remove all the air from or bring all the air to a single spot

Atmosphere Control: Push around clouds can intensify winds, summon storm clouds, and affect barometric pressure. Can be concentrated to generate indoor storms and to control the movement of rain/wind/lightning


Shoot beams of lightning that could burn through objects.

Shock people to death by electrifying them.

Create storms of lightning.

Create an orb of lightning and throw it for offensive uses.

Blind targets with a flash of light.

Incinerate target with a wave/beam of lightning.

He can create lightning clouds which he can control and make the lightning strike from the clouds.

Electrical based force-field.

Use Lightning to burn objects/people.

Charge up electronic devices.

Absorb electricity from machines.

Turn into pure electrical energy and travel through electronic devices.

He can achieve flight by using electricity as a means of self propulsion.

Shoot bolts of electricity from your hands.

Generate electromagnetic shock waves

Throw electromagnetic grenades.

Fire blasts of lightning from his hands. (Rocket-like or Bolt-like)

Charge his body with electricity and electrocute enemies with every hit.

Manifest electricity by surrounding arm(s) or other body parts.

He can also use an electromagnetic field to levitate metal objects like cars.

With control he could use electro-magnetism (or even extreme static cling ) in the hands and feet to attach themselves to metal and produce a wall-crawling effect


Lightning: Strom’s primary weapon, he has been able to use lightning even at nighttime he can summon lightning bolts from the sky that can be used to blind, stun, or severely burn his opponents even to the point of death they are strong enough to affect to even other beings like Superman They can range from a simple shock to ground shattering. Unlike normal bolts of lightning Storm can use them as concussive forces. His bolts have effected beings a durable the strongman. He can also generate other electromagnetic atmospheric phenomena, including electromagnetic pulses, which disables all electronics in the area, or to generate electric fields. Storm is also able to generate lightning which acts like rejuvenation, and generate electricity from his body because of his human/god physiology.

Electromagnetic Manipulation : Allowing Storm to store and absorb a seemingly limitless amount of electricity. He could fly by generating a massive field of electricity which could propel him through the air. He also seemed to gain the power of magnetokinesis to a certain degree, allowing him to manipulate magnetic fields and move objects in a in a manner similar to that of a magnet

Lighting Bolt Projection: The simplest manifestation is the emission of a lightning-like electric arc from his fingertips, which can propagate through air or other conducting mediums. This discharge, whose total voltage can be regulated within certain limits, travels at the speed of lightning, about 250,000 feet per second. can generate raw electricity which courses through his body, which he has learned to manipulate, control, to sense sources of electric energy, electricity and administer as a wide range of attacks with several uses; he can charge devices with electricity, and alternatively drain the energy from them into himself Unlike true lightning, storm can manipulate these electric discharges in non-terrestrial environments such as outer space. Although the speed and voltage of his electric discharges has never been measured, it can be assumed that their affects are similar to that of a bolt of lightning. A bolt of lightning can travel at a speed of 100000 mph (160934 km/h), and can reach temperatures approaching 28000 °C (60000 °F), hot enough to fuse soil or sand into glass channels.


Electric Current Control: Storm can choose to keep the electric energy that he currently holds in his body by controlling the Current and Voltage for whenever he wants to use it.

Electrical-Energy Absorption: He can also absorb the energy of electrical equipment such as a power plant to increase his powers further.

Electrical-Energy Projection: Ability to project his electricity through his hands to stun his enemies. The amount of voltage and or wattage that Storm can generate and control is unknown but appears to be far greater than a lightning storm. Probably on the order of hundreds of trillions of watts of power. Strom can further increase his electrical projections by simply ionizing the hydrogen atoms in the atmosphere so in effect creating ultra-high level static discharges and having the potential to create electrical super storms that have hundreds of lightning strikes per minute (the average lightning strike contains a billion volts of electricity).


Electromagnetic Propulsion via Electrical Lines and Bridges: Storm can propel himself along the accompanying magnetic lines of force in objects that have great electrical potential, such as high-tension electrical lines. He generates light, eddying electrical fields around his legs, which develops an intense, opposing magnetic field that can support him above the electric cable's magnetic field. By creating imbalances in his field, he can ride along on magnetic ripples at speeds of up to 540 miles per hour, the maximum speed at which he can still breathe unaided. He can sometimes create electrostatic bridges to traverse upon, although the expenditure of energy is enormous.

Electrical Detection: Storm's electrical powers also grant him certain sensory and manipulative abilities. By "feeling" the course of electricity through the circuitry of any electrically-powered device, Storm can override the system and make the device obey his mental commands. Storm can disconnect alarm systems, control machines in a limited way, or overload any electrically controlled system that is insufficiently shielded.


Wind: The winds might be considered his secondary weapon in his vast array of power. He uses winds to hold himself aloft and to fly; whenever Strom flying he is using winds to do so. His control of the wind is such that he can use it to sweep dust he can conjure clouds create windstorms and tornadoes, control temperature of air Suck the air and wind out of living beings he can create a multitude of shapes out of air such as weapons, animals and creatures, manipulate and control steam, he has Greatly strengthened and amplified agility and flight in the air create highly destructive windstorms, whirlwinds, tornadoes and storms, Manipulate and control the weather and surrounding climate at will, Use his breath as ice, Use air shields, Shoot air blasts at his opponents. Use his breath as wind, Control air vortexes, Give others and himself the ability to fly .

Rain: Another common weapon is the rain. As a child, when he was discovering his powers, he used his mastery over the rain to stop a severe draught. He has also used rain to create flash floods Storm can summon rains of great intensity. His rains have been powerful enough to knock her opponents unconscious and, on several occasions, he has generated flash floods to hurl against his opponents.

Storms: Using Winds, rain and Lightning, Strom has created storms of incredible magnitude hence his codename.

Heat: Storm rarely uses his mastery over the heat, but he has been known to be able to do so.

Hailstones: A weapon has also used, he is able to create basketball sized Hailstones

Snow, Cold: His mastery over snow, cold and ice is such that it rivals the force of Mother Nature herself he on more then one occasion has threaten the city with ice age snow when angry .

Blizzard: Strom is able to use a combination of cold, winds and snow to create blizzards to attack his foes, as he has used in several occasions.

Cloud Manipulation (or Nephokinesis) The power to control water vapors. Can control clouds and generate mists. can shape clouds to resemble whatever he wants.

Pressure: He once destroyed an entire building by changing the air pressure inside Another facet of his ability to control air is his excellent control over pressure. With this pressure he can blow through the top of a mountain or he can batter alien warships. He can also summon a Jovian pressure field. This field has the ability to contain a "baby nuke".

Currents: Storm is able to feel the currents of the air around him, thus making it impossible to sneak on him or to attack him without his knowledge

Electricity: Storm has used his control over electricity in much more ways than lightning. He has created electromagnetic pulses to render machines unusable

Energy: Strom can use several forms of energy other than electricity, such as a plasma bolts When using his powers, Storm becomes one with the energy patterns he manipulates. This gives him the ability to project weather effects through his body. For instance, he can generate lightning, intense cold, and intense heat, from his hands rather than from his actual atmosphere. His power over thunder has been used to create deafening sounds for distracting enemies. He can create powerful tornadoes, hurricanes, and various winds that are capable of moving a vast number of objects/people including levitating an entire building, . His ability over water and it's forms has been shown by his creating heavy rainfall, and instant floods . Control over moisture and temperature allows Storm to freeze/flash freeze objects and people in the blink of an eye.

Flight: Storm can fly through the air by causing himself to be supported and propelled by wind currents. Storm can thus travel as fast as any wind can, and has reached speeds up to 800 miles per hour (Up to 1000 miles per hour). His power over the atmosphere enables him to breathe at any speed, protect him from air friction, and protect him from cold. Storm can carry aloft an as yet undetermined amount of weight while being borne aloft by the wind.

Weather Prediction: has the added ability to know the patterns of weather by instinct so that any given time, he can predict the weather on any planet he is on.

Body Temperature Control: ability to change his internal and external body temperature to match that of the current outside atmosphere, so that he wont suffer any ill effects from the change of atmosphere.


Ecological Empathy- The power in which one’s emotions and nervous system are psychically sensitive to one’s surrounding ecosystem, and wildlife welfare. Also known as Environmental Awareness or Nature Sense he has sensed a diseased and dying tree on the school grounds detected objects within various atmospheric mediums—including water, and sensed the incorrect motion of a hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere and the gravitational stress on the tides by the Moon and Sun as well as the distortion of a planet's magnetosphere. Storm can view the Earth as weather patterns, and is able to precisely recognize his geographic position through interpretations of these patterns. Storm can "feel" nature and the elements. Can feel for all biomes (forests, deserts, tundra’s, wetlands, mountains, etc). A tree naturally falling or predator catching their prey in a near by forest would be felt by him leaving him feeling calmly relieved. Unnaturally, would leave him sickened. Can detect natural changes as well (raise in temperature, humidity, etc). Jason may feel blissful and become physically enhanced if the immediate environment is operating naturally. Furthermore he may feel scared, anxious, feeble, or even frenzied if the bio-network is not behaving naturally due to foreign violation



Manipulation- A word synonymous with Jason is "Manipulative" He manipulates events, people and even magical artifacts to suit his needs. Cruel and cunning in equal measures, he will use villain and hero alike if he sees fit. When needed he will often treats his fellows with respect. (Although it is crystal clear he holds no care for them) Relying on their trust rather than fear and as a Machiavellian individual, he is highly charismatic, often charming, seductive, and verbose. his most terrifying power is his manipulative skills, pride, jealousy, loneliness, urges, he will pry on any weak spot he can find and keep pounding until it has become a festering wound filled with his infective whispers. This makes him not only a powerful fighter, but a much more terrifying enemy. He will also use his unparallel beauty to accomplished his goals using men woman any sex (Or anything) as his pawns



Emotional Influence: Storm's ability to manipulate the weather in his immediate vicinity is affected by his emotions; hence, if he does not maintain control, a fit of rage might induce a destructive storm. As a result, Storm has in the past kept a tight rein on all extreme emotions when he is angry, he inadvertently summons hurricanes or summons violent forces of nature.

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