Melina has jaw-length, straight, brown hair with white, black, and green streaks. She has brown skin/fur, red eyes, two white spots above her eyes, feathery moth antenna, and large, green wings, similar to that of a luna moth.

She does not really wear any clothes, as she naturally grows thick fur covering all those places that normally require clothing. However, when her fur falls out during warmer seasons, she does wear an outfit that looks identical to her natural fur. The only time she wears something different is during a special occasion, like a dance.


She is easily jealous of people, and because of this is often seen as cranky or surly, an image she does nothing to change. She is also rather anti-social, since she thinks of people as a bunch of idiots, which is not helped by the actual dumb things teenagers do.

She also is a bit of a troublemaker, by either spreading gossip or egging someone into a fight. Nobody really knows why, except it somehow makes her feel better about herself.

She also has a major problem with the other females of her species, especially Mo and Bontia.


Night Vision

She has excellent night vision, but this tends to be a disadvantage during the day, since it tends to blind her with so much light.

Ultra sonic shriek

The natural language of her kind is quite high pitched, to the point of discomfort or pain to other species.



She has an older brother named Hercules, who she thinks is a total moron, especially with his flirty nature and annoying tendency to flex his biceps all the time.


None really.


She is dating Clint Giant, despite their obvious height differences.


Her main enemies are Mo Cecropia, since for the longest time they were “competing” for the same guy (though Melina was the only one really feeling competitive, Mo was completely clueless), and Bonita Femur, who Melina thinks is much too showy and a total airhead.