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Miranda's Basic outfit.

Miranda Mammoth is the daughter of the mammoth. She loves putting on fashion shows in Fierce Fashion 101 and writes lists of in's and out's in her diary. She is sixteen years old and her best friend is Sanne Sabertooth.


Age: 16...or older or younger, there really isn't a choice.

Monster Parent: The mammoth.

Killer Style: If you've ever seen a fashion commercial on FrightTube, all those fashions are owned by me.

Freaky Flaw: My fur top. Everyone suspects it's made of my mother's coat, but no way. It's faux fur. I'm positive.

Pet: A baby mammoth named Mandy. Mandy and Sanne's mountain lion Sophie love to play together.

Favorite Activity: Writing lists of what's in and what's out in my diary.

Biggest Pet Peeve: My dad calling me "Mamby-Bamby". It's the most stupid nickname in the world! And also being a loner. It often gets very boring.

Favorite School Subject: Fierce Fashion 101. We get to do a fashion show every two months. Who wouldn't want to strut around, showing off your fashion?

Least Favorite School Subject: Anything not about fashion.

Favorite Color: Red. It looks so pretty on my skirt, I nicknamed myself "Cherry Skirt Girl".

Favorite Food: Peanut butter sandwiches served with tortilla chips and salsa.

BFF's: Sanne Sabertooth.