Ozima has dark brown skin, bright neon green wavy curly hair, and green eyes.

She likes steampunk fashion, with puffy sleeved shirts, vests, miniskirts, knee-high boots, and always a hat with decorative gears.


She is often shy, but when she gets used to a place and the people, she can be quite friendly and always tries to help others, even if it doesn't go too well. She is a talented aeronaut and loves giving people rides in her hot air balloon, though on occasion, she gets pretty darn lost.



Unlike her father, who was a fake wizard, Ozima actually does have magical powers, inherited from her mother.



Ozima is close to all her family, she learned aeronautical navigation from her father Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs, and sorcery from her mother, Osumare, a wind mage.

She is very close to her brother Viridian, who, like her, has magical abilities, though his are further developed, so he always likes to help his sister figure out her powers.


Her main friends are Noah and Nora North, Soren South, and Wanda West.


She is currently dating Westiel West, despite the fact that his mother and her father hate each other and tend to frown on their relationship. However, Ozima's mother encourages her to follow her heart, and does her best to calm her husband.

Other Stuff

She used to attend Ever After High, but left when Headmaster Grimm insisted she abandon her studies on furthering her powers, which is always a bad idea since it will cause magic to go astray. He also forbid her love with Westiel, saying that there was no way they could be allowed to get along, since they were destined to be rivals, and when Westiel transferred schools, she followed.