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Penny Guin



Killer Style

I like pink and black together, like Draculaura.

Freaky Flaw

My father, the Penguin, is a burglar, so other people think I am too. But I'm not!


A penguin named Waddles. He wears a pink hat and is always happy to see me.

Favorite Activity

I like having snowball fights at recess in winter.

Biggest Pet Peeve

My father wants me to be a burglar when I grow up, but I don't want to.

Fav. School Subkect

History. I like studying about Antarctica best. :)

Least fav. School Subject

Science. I'm just terrible at it.

Favorite Color

I have three faves: Pink, blue, and white. I like orange too.

Favorite Food

I like snow cones. I know. I'm a winter fanatic. XD

Penny Guin is a self-created character, who is the daughter of the Penguin. (From Batman)


Penny is a new ghoul at school. Her best friends are Frankie Stein, Sari Isley, and Hailey Quinn. She's in the Fearleading Squad and in the ice skating team. She's friends with everybody else, even Cleo de Nile.

Origin of Species

She is the daughter of the Penguin from Batman. She doesn't like crime though. She doesn't know that her pet Waddles the Penguin is being trained by her father to rob jewels along with a puffin and a vulture.



Penny only lives with her father, the Penguin, in a mansion. She styled her room like an igloo. She tries to persuade him to stop committing crime, but he never listens. But she still loves him.


She's best friends with Frankie Stein, Sari Isley and Hailey Quinn. She's also friends with Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Clawdeen Wolf, Deuce Gorgon, and everybody else at Monster High, even Cleo de Nile. Even though she and Cleo fight sometimes, they're still friends. She is also friends with Hillary Wayne even though their fathers are enemies.


She has a crush on Jackson Jekyll. She always sits with him at lunchtime, and in study howl. Whenever they go to Gloom Beach, she always sits next to him.


Penny Guin Gloom Beach

Penny Guin Gloom Beach


Penny wears a black sleeveless top with white ruffles on the top, and pink stitches. She wears a pink ruffled skirt., pink skullette earrings, and pink high heels.

Dawn of the Dance

Penny wears a white dress with a pink and blue top, And she has her hair in two braids.

Gloom Beach

Penny wears a pink and black stripped one-piece swimsuit. And she wears a blue coverup.

School Spirits

In the School Spirits range, Penny is an ice-skater. She wears a bright pink long-sleeved top with a matching ruffled tulle skirt She also wears a bright blue skullette necklace. And she also wears white ice skates.


  • Penny's full name is similar to "Penguin"
  • Penny's favorite season is winter.
  • She has grey skin like Ghoulia, and blue hair the same color as Waddles' blue feathers.
  • Her real name is Penelope Guinivere Cobblepot.