Coolkeelz 17:18, March 20, 2011 (UTC)Her style:Red skirt, blue unhappy face top, pink tiara, black boots with blue stripes and a red rose necklace. She has black straight hair.

Her story: Thorn was born into royalty, she had every thing she wanted and more, but one day she and her mother had a fight and the princess ran away and changed her name to Thorn, her original name was Rose, and worked as a maid to earn some money for food. 7 years later Thorn came back to her home to try and make up with her mother but when she got there the royal gards told her that her mother had killed herself because she couldnt live without her daughter. That night she went out into the royal garden and found a withering rose bush, she pricked her finger on a Thorn and that night she died in her sleep.