Raven de emon

Raven de Emon is a 3500 year old demon child sent to Earth to destroy her other half, Angela Heavens. But both appear to get sidetracked when they discover Monster High.


Raven is hot headed, snobby, and doesn't care about anyone but herself. She acts like royalty as Cleo de Nile does, and stomps on anyone who doesn't bow down to
Raven de Emon 2

Raven's Dawn of the Dance Outfit

her. Hard for her to make freinds.

Physical Description

She normally wears her black cloak over a red tapered dress with a low back so her bat-like wings can be comfortable and not feel confined to tiny slits. Her eyes are bright red like her fathers and she generally wears dark makeup. The only light thing about her is her blonde hair, which she has tried to dye many times, but due to her curse, it returns to normal the next morning.

To be Continued...