Free Graphics Programs

Here are a few programs that are alternatives to MS Paint. They work similar but have more (and better) features which are closer to Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai. However, unlike those programs these are free to use. You can download those two for the 30 day trial but after that you must pay.

Art Tutorials

MS Paint

  • Click here for help with recoloring and more helpful tips.
  • Click here for help with hair.
  • Click herefor a method to get rid of that white pixeled look when using the fill tool in Paint with PNG files.

MH Style


Remember to credit the artist who posts these backgrounds and read and follow their rules for use.

Fan-Made Backgrounds

Please remember to credit the original artist when using these backgrounds as they spent many hours working on them and deserve the mention and praise for their creations. Please also remember to respect their hard work and not treat them like a base by altering them. Always read the individual artists rules for using bases and be sure to follow them

Profile and Other Resources

As always, credit the original creator and read and follow their rules for use.

Lists for Inspiration

Tricks for a better character picture:

  • For a closed eye, just remove the eyeball and bottom eye line on the character's face so all that is left is the top of the eye, where the eyelashes are. This is good for use on Dead Tired poses, or winking.
  • To get the eye wider, just lower the bottom of the eye and extend from there. Then remove the iris and pupil, then construct one of your own and put it where it suits the character best. Don't forget to add a small white dot for further accuracy.
  • Showing shine on lips is easy to do - just put lighter colors further in and darker colors on the outskirts. And remember to put a white line on the bottom lip to show further reflection.
  • It's best to keep the mouth at the same width.
  • Outline the character's body with a darker shade of their skin tone.