River Blue is the cousin of Lagoona Blue. She is also a daughter of the sea monster and has a light Australian accent. She has a small crush on Deuce, but she keeps that a secret. She has a pet crab named Sea.


River is very sweet and kind, but it's never good to get on her bad side. She tries her best but she can't get rid of her short temper. She is over-emotional, so if someone is mean to her she will burst out crying, and it will be hard for an apology to be effective. River is also a kind philathropist.

Physical Description

River has light blue skin that needs to be constantly moisturized. She also has yellow eyes and blonde hair. She wears a blue summer dress, a hot pink boa, and black boots.



River has two parents who do not live with her and a cousin named Lagoona Blue who is also her best friend.


River is best friends with her cousin Lagoona, and is very good friends with Frankie and Clawdeen.


River has a crush on Deuce but would never tell anybody, and strangely she has noticed Clawd Wolf acting funny around her (a crush maybe?).


River hates Sal Skellington beacause Sal cut off all of River's hair in the third grade.