Sadie Skeletol died in 1969 on her 16th birthday. Just recently she returned from dead and got adopted by a skeleton couple. Her pet ferret Ferris also returned from the dead. The death of Sadie is unknown.


Sadie is is a bit all over the place. She's a bit ditzy sometimes which could easily create a misconception about her considering the time time she's from. She's a bit confused about unlife and the modern world making her seem even more lost.?

Physical Apperance

Sadie has purple hair (well it's a wig, but who cares?) that almost shoulder length, is all bones and can easily fall apart thanks for loose joints, and has brown eyes that look nearly black. She sounds like a typical American girl, but it's very raspy since she has lack of vocal cords.

Classic Monster

Skeletons are dead/undead people who are used for minor parts of movies. There aren't many movies just for showing off skeletons unlike another undead creature the zombie. Skeletons are not considered monsters unless the are moving.



When Sadie was alive her parents were Betsy and Paul Lynch. She has once younger brother named Simon who was four years younger than her. When she became undead her adopted parents were Juliet and Lloyd Skeletol. She has no adoptive siblings. She likes her skeleton parents, but she hasn't gotten adjusted to the idea of being adopted so she sometimes calls Juliet and Lloyd by their first names.


She has a select group of friends in Monster High who have guided her since the time she started there. Elpidia West and Jovie Wocky are her closest friends as they were "selected" to try and get her to understand what was fully going on around her and that she would forever be a monster. Other friends include Zenovia Song, Damon Thánatos, Steamothy Copperman, and Felica Fright.


Sadie has a bit of a crush on her friend Steamothy Copperman.

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