Salacia can be a sweetheart, but mess with her or her vamyric sisters and you'll be lucky to escape with your life. She and her twin sister Sherry are very close and seem to have linked thoughts and often finish each others sentances, but the most irritating thing they do is when they say every other word in the others sentance. They do this strictly to entertain themselves.

Salacia likes to work with water and joins the swim team, becoming fast friends with Lagoona.

Physical Description

Tall and tan, she rivals the boys in height and has been reffered to on more than one occasion (by guys mostly) as an amazon goddes. She has silvery grey eyes and long, messy curls of auburn color, as well as plenty of golden highlights. Plus she is always wearing different glasses. ===Relationships

Hydra Salacia Tianna

(I go by Salacia but my frineds call me sal)


18 (this lifetime)

Killer Style

I tend to only wear unique things that go with my mood. But no matter what I always wear something with a blue butterfly on it. It's my symbol.

Freaky Flaw

Make that flaws: I can be really serious in some situations and way to loose in others. There is no inbetween with me. I am very flirtatious, or as my grandma calls it promiscuous. LOL. And I am ver opinionated.


A hell hound I named Cerberus JR, or Cici for short. He transorms into a version of the origional cerberus when agitated, and only I can calm him down.

Fave Activity

I love to write stories, poems, books anything that comes to me. Plus, I love to jam to music and make my own with my band with my cuz, sis and 2 BMFFz. (I sing)

Pet Peeve

When girls take themselves too seriously and ask me for special treatment when they don't know me and havent earned my respect.

Fave/least fave School Subject

English or history while my least fave is math.

Fave Food

I love Sushi! And Vanilla Ice-Cream (though definately not at the same time)

Fave Color

Blue, blue, blue and more blue


My twin sis Sherry, my cousin Raven, my "sisters" Dezerai and Carolina, plus Ghoulia Yelps, I'm cool with everyone really. I can even stand Cleo DeNile (SOMETIMES). Oh, and Holt Hyde, isn;t he the cutest?



Her mother died years ago (or whatever Vampires do) and left her in the care of her Grandmother Elvira, who was already caring for her cousin Raven. She and her grandmother sometimes clash but they love each other terribly. Raven and her seem to have a love-hate relationship, thanks to an old curse, they have to be careful whether or not they can look in each others eyes, as doing so could result in a major fight, where all claws are out and powers exposed. Salacia and her sister a very close and tend to like the same things, but differ especially when it comes to boys, Sal likes the wild types who can show her a good time but stil remain loyal, where as no one knows what Sherry likes, she refuses to say, though it's safe to assume that is is NOT what her sister is into.


Her oldest and best friends are her family (Raven and Sherry) as well as Carolina Fontra and Dezerai Jones-Montoya, her friends since they were playing destroy the village in their back yard sand box.

She is cool with alomost everyone at MH, Cleo DeNile gets on her nerves alot, she thinks she's "in denile", but can tolerate her company.


She isn't currently dating, but many could have sworn they saw her flirting and kissing Holt Hyde and think she's his girlfriend. She rufuses to tell if these accusations are true or not, but many believe that they are as she is constantly making plans to hang out with him

Style Examples


-Salacia is based off the author