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Sherry Tianna


18 (as of now)

Killer Style

Jeez, I don't care really. My style is basically weird, but alwas me. My signature cat eared jaket was an origional designed for me for my 18th by my twin sister Sal. I tend to prefer more punk clothing items.

Freaky Flaw

No one has the ability to touch me. I go catatonic if anyone is really within 3 feet of me. My twin is the only exception to this rule and she has always seemed to be really protective over me because of this fact, it used to annoy me, but I understand why she get's protective, and I love her.


A ghost white cat named Vinnie. He and Cici are best friends and he is really theraputic for me. When I was younger, before I got Vinnie, people couldn't be within 10 feet of me. My sister says that it's the calming purr that has helped sooth my nerves.

Fave Activity

Petting Vinnie and talking to my sister. And making some new friends, it's almost strange to say those words, it was so hard to make friends as a kid and now I'm making new ones.

Pet Peeve

People who poke me just to see me go catatonic. How cruel can you get?

Fave/least fave School Subject

I love Ancient Literature and Theology, and like my sister, I can't STAND MATH!

Fave Color


Fave Food

Pocky, it's sweet crunchy and yummy!


My twin, Salacia, mainly, my cousin Raven, Dezerai and Carolina have always been there, but now I'm really close to Clawdeen and Ghoulia, and even Cleo at times.


Sherry is very loud and outspoken, and such a friendly perrson, despite her boundry issues. She loves to play cards and board games with people, Trivial Pursuit and Uno are her faves. She tries to get people together alot, even when she's having issues, if Vinnie is ther she'll be fine.

Physical Description

She is only a half-inch shorter than her sister, Sal tells her that that space is growing shorter every day because of how open to near physical contact she is becoming. Her hair is always either a shocking white blonde to a deep purple color. And she has never been afraid to show off her eyes, which are a shocking shade of lavender.



She and Salacia are incredebly close as well as she and Raven, though Salacia is her BMFF, no matter what.


Sherry's best friends have always been Carolina and Dezerai and she has gotton close to Ghoulia, Clawdeen and shockingly (based on Clawdeen) Cleo DeNile.


No one has ever really struck her fancy, she seems to be competely happy single and is alwas encouraging her sister to find her true soul mate and not worry about her love life.

Some of her Stylez


-This character is based on the authours elder sister