Skylar Clouds

Skylar Clouds is a 15 year old fairy who cannot fly.

Skylar Clouds


Skylar is generally shy and keeps to herself round the monsters at MH, but when she's with her fairy friends and family, she is more comfortable and open with them. She is an average student, and strives to do better. But she djust oesn't understand the monster curriculum.

Physical Description

Skylar has blue and black butterfly wings and long, black braided hair to match. She generally wears her navy blue halter dress and blue dyed flower petal slippers to match. Her skin is a grey-blue tinted color to match her large shocking blue eyes.


Skylar was born with FDS-Flying Deficiency Syndrome. It is a rare disease among the fairies-meaning they are missing the muscles and wing sprouts in their back to fly. Strange enough, she was born with wings, unlike most FDS fairies. Skylar is most comfortable around other fairies, because of the teasing about her disease at school. Every one out of ten fairies have FDS, and most of her friends consist of them.

Classic Monster

Her parents are fairies-not monsters at all.

Monster Bio

Age: 15

Monster Parents: Fairies

Killer Style: Anything big enough to fit over my wings without bending them. Preferably blue and black to match them.

Freaky Flaw: I can't fly!

Pet: My butterfly, Rose. She's the color of a rose and blends in with Mom's rose garden.

Fave Activity: Butterfly races with my butterfly and other fairy friends.

Biggest Pet Peave: When the 'bullies' take my books and hold them high above my head since I'm so small and ask me to fly for it.

Fave School Subject: I don't know. They're all pretty even.

Least Fave School Subject: Gym. Since my wings are heavy (because I can't fly), they weigh me down when running laps, so I'm usually slowest and late to my next class.

Fave Color: Black and blue to match my wings.

Fave Food: Sunflower seeds and flower nector...

BFF's: Aqua Bubbles



Skylar's family consists of her mother, Rain, her father, Windy, and her sister, Sky.


Her only friends are fellow FDS fairies, Rosie, Lilith, and Thorn.


Skylar likes her friend, Thorn, another FDS fairy.